Anything to get in your Pants

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy is the worst, he has a mental condition that makes him act the way he does. He treats women like meat, he will literally say anything just to get some pussy cuz he has never had any. He claims he is hung but realistically he is only 4.5inches. No joke I have seen asians better than him. He is disgusting if he doesn’t the chick he is after within the 1st few days he will call them whores and say things so bad you wish he would die. He doesn’t shower and always smells like shit. But worst of all he likes underage girls, He will get them to drink til they pass out and to him after that its fair game. So be careful your vagina is in danger. All the rumours are true. He desperately needs to use a bar of soap and then eat if after.

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