Apirl Coffman Wolf Monkey


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Apirl Coffman wolf monkey

Apirl Coffman wolf monkey

Apirl Coffman wolf monkeyTHE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, a pic says 1,000 words , This Apil Coffman she is from Sullivan mo , She likes to get with other females men then start harassing the girlfriend of the guy by tex , fb , message ect , when she is not doing that her hobbies include shooting meth a heroin she also Huffs so lock up the gas,paint cans , and any random house hold cleansers , growing dreads from her armpit hair seen in pic 1 , training her v&gina to snatch flies , insects, RIGHT OUT OF THE AIR , this may be how she traps other females men , I believe her fee is 1 cent again refer to photo 1 looks like her tip is hanging out her top , Watch for head lice, crabs, and body lice from lack of grooming and years of h&eing,–Also watch for bed sores from laying on her back so much to get a fix AS a warning to the guys that are hard up go rub 1 out , we don’t want this 1 reproducing and polluting the world with her stupidity and funk , she brags of cocaine binges and huffing she is a real winner as of lately she has targeted my friend Nikki degrading her Threatening her and let me tell ya my girl is fly she has looks and brains she works at a vet clinic and will become a vet and here comes this crazed meth wh*re trying to bring her down when she has what maybe 10 brain cells left and wont amount to sh*t , you can see many more of her photos and drug crazed rants just go to April Gimpyhippie Coffman on Fb its the 1 with the pic psycho path…… Ive been told many tales of this he/she 1 is that she has the same characteristics of a T-Rex so if you encounter this thing don’t make any sudden movements just like the T-Rex she cant see you if you move u don’t want snatched up by this v*gina you could possibly be scared 4 life and Develop PTSSD.

It’s like a walking stereotype and when I say walking I mean waddling.- nik 

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