AR Mystery’s Groupie

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am sooooo tired of this AR groupie Michael F. pretending to date AR, Im on her facebook and nor has she ever had it posted that she’s dating this guy, she is dating some persian guy named Farrukah or some sh*t like that, he’s on her facebook and there’s also alot of pictures of them together but since people keep posting her on thedirty she’s now made her albums private, I found this picture from the lakers shoot she did, which in the magazine it says “Amanda” . Now do you really actually think Michael F. could get a girl like this? No way in possible, she never posted that she dated him …. he’d always comment on her page leaving her hearts and xoxo’s and saying sh*t like “I miss you” and all this other crap, he was sweating AR hard, please put this AR groupie on blast, Dirty Army knows all and sees all he can’t fool the DA!!! Maybe you should date AR then you could find out if she works for the goverment or not, I personally think you and AR would make hot goverment conspiracy babies that would rule the world!

I want to see pictures of Amanda Roadmen with this Iranian terrorist please.  He must be loaded if he is pulling her REFUND Gapped ass.- nik

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