Arab Homewrecker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, this girl Name is aia. She is the type who tries to go after a guy with a girl friend.. Getting denied and called a whore almost every time she still continues to try… and its always the one who has money. She has no problem being the side whore. She is a cock sucking nasty whore with tiny turtle lips and is built like a man. Her body is so fcked off it is quite questionable if she’s a man. Her accent sounds like a straight up transvestite it’s scary. She thinks she hot shit because he mom is a maid for one the the biggest houses in the woodlands and goes around saying she’s cousins with the people but really she’s just the peasants maids daughter who lives in some cheap shitty apartments. She’s a whore and will do anything for the come up or extra attention. Someone get her deported. Her blue contacts look wack as fck and she thinks she’s a model, taking pics in her apartment hallways. Bitch needs a reality check and an DRD check

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