Arian Marie Statement:  So the dumb *ss f*cked my friend a week ago and she is here in Vegas visiting me.  I never hoooked up with Ronnie, he hooked up with my friend.  I dropped her off at Wet Republic to hang out with Ronnie, while I ran some errands.  I came back to meet up with her and a few friends I went to college with and Ronnie wouldn’t let me in their table because he said I was “Bad for his Image”So I blew that ugly midgets spot up P.S.  they gave Ronnie a table behind the DJ Booth, he is so lame he doesn’t even get a cabana or a bungalow lmao.

Yeah, Ronnie cheated on Sammie as usual. To the girl he banged… I won’t say your name (Morgan) can you please give us the details.- nik


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