Ariana Grande – Leaves Crowd Thinking About Her In Stunning Concert

Ariana Grande – Leaves Crowd Thinking About Her In Stunning Concert

Last Friday, I got the chance to see Ariana Grande in concert at Mohegan Sun. Mohegan Sun’s Arena is the perfect venue to see a larger scale tour, as it has the space to fit a big production stage, while still feeling more intimate than a bigger, stadium-like venue.

From the second Grande came out at 9:00 on the dot for her hour and a half performance, she was simply stunning, both in appearance and vocally. One of the immediate things I noted was that, unlike some of her counterparts, Grande sang live vocals and, to bat, sounded even better than she does recorded.

“Be Alright,” which opened the show, immediately got the crowd on their feet and dancing. Grande’s backup dancers moved in perfect syncopation with her, keeping the visually stunning performance alive.

“Everyday” was another great number, as the lighting was perfectly cued to the music, with Grande showing off some of her best dance moves.

I also loved seeing “Side To Side” performed onstage, as Grande brought the same spin bike themed concept from the music video out onto the stage to create a visually enticing spectacle.

The highlight of the night, though, was “Thinking Bout You,” one of the only moments during which Grande made a rather political statement. The song, which is more of a low-tempo number, was set beautifully to background imagrey of a man and man embracing, a woman and woman embracing, and a man and woman embracing. Clearly, Grande was sending the message that love doesn’t have a gender norm, and preaching to her younger audience in a subtle way how important equality and acceptance are.

Grande’s only encore, “Dangerous Woman,” closed the night in an affirmative way. No longer is Grande a “teeny bopper” pop star, but she is an artist in every definition of the word.

I have been to many concerts in my life and, after attending this one, can safely say she is one of the best performers I have ever seen live. I look forward to seeing her again in the future and she has definitely left me thinking about her performance since I left.

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