Arkansas Biggest Deadbeat

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THE DIRTY ARMY: NiK. Meet David Hardin or DavidH** on POF a 30 year old BOY who lives with his mommy and daddy, This low life deadbeat dope head is from Conway Arkansas. He has got to be the worst excuse for a for a father that I’ve ever met. He has 3 children that he never see’s or even bothers to check on, sleeps with anything that has two legs and a P***y! He cheats, lies, and drains women. If you ask him, you have to BUY his love. He’ll tell you he loves you just to get in your pants. Every sex/online dating site you’ll find his picture. He’s such a POS he’s got to get nasties off the web. I finally realized to get the H**L away. He will tell a woman one thing and do another. TRUST ME GIRLS HE ISNT WORTH IT. Spend all his money on drugs. He is an alcoholic and can’t go a day without it. He’s always broke because his WHOLE check goes to child support, the only reason is gets paid is because it is taking DIRECTLY out of his check. He is a known needle junkie. Thinks he is the best thing to walk this earth. SUCKS in bed. LADIES DO NOT GIVE THIS MAN THE TIME OF DAY. I’d NEVER wish that NIGHTMARE upon anyone!

He definitely got those glasses from a gas station.- nik

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