Arnold Dirty Girl’s

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Arnold dirty girl's

Arnold dirty girl's

Arnold dirty girl's

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these girs’s are Arnold’s wh*re’s!  They walk around thinking they are the sh*t when really they are just a bunch of club rat’s who use people. They will f*ck any dude so they can buy them a drink! The girl on the far right steph with blonde hair has a son and never has him cause she is too busy being a whore sucking d*ck for her bills to get payed her son gonna hate her when he gets older cause how much of a c*nt she is and the girl in the middle heather is a backstabbing b*tch and talks sh*t all the time with the two girls shes sitting with and the girl on the far left amanda is a nasty DRD b*tch who will f*ck your boyfriend, your daddy, your brother all in one night she cant keep her legs closed

I don’t understand how these girls are successful bottle rats weighing over 150.- nik

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