Ashley Borja

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty bitch is ASHLEY BORJA she is a sneaky dirty hoe one of the dumbest bitches around she acts all perfect when she not she has been on here before for being a hoe and having “DRD” her new boyfriend is a man whore but she knew it before she got with him he still cheats on her but if i was him i would too this bitch is only good at giving guys head ( best head you will ever get) shes proud of that she has gave so many guys head an fcked them and then acts like she hasnt done anything since her babydaddy thats why she talked to a guy i know and they 69 eachother he was afg on top of her being a nasty hoe that the new people in her life doesnt know about cause she wants to hide her past she is a bad mother i feel so sorry for that kid cause i knew this bitch in the past and she didnt take care of it her mother did cause she was to busy chasing her babydaddy she use to be crazy over her baby daddy which she still is i bet she checks up on him all the time but now she has a new man and i know this bitch physco over him cause she ugly as fck and nasty so she needs him cause no one else wants her ugly ass with her big ass noise and bitch gained alot of weight but works at a gym stupid hoe but ill leave the picture to let people make there own thought on her dont have nightmares looking at this beast

The shape of her arms would make a fun roller coaster.- nik

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