Ashley Faye Dunsford

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Happy New Year Nik. Here’s one who is surprisingly only joining the army now. This Crazy stalking hermit has nothing better to do then to stalk down her child’s father who she has told over and over to STAY AWAY. Only to find out she’s actually tryna BE her babies daddy just shakin jelouse over ANY lady friend of his.
This girl instagates to get domesticated infront of her now THREE kids, and when her “man” is shacked up in a cell she tries soo hard to make her move, and gets DENIED from any guy she tries on. Then has the nerve to act like she hasn’t been stalking EVERYONE her babies daddy knows. cLEARLY she hasn’t grown up yet. Well here it is since she wanna be known so bad, ASHLEY FAYE DUNSFORD. Your are a trashy babies momma. You are a control freak with no job CLEARLY, and do nothing but wait for little Staaan to go to sleep so you can be a stalker anyway you can. The site you made up for Carly, SO OVIOUS its YOU. acting like you JUST stumbled across her page HAHA calling her a loser ACTING like your Your kids dad saying he’s left the girl who isnt even dating him, for YOU. LMAO HOW long has it been? 4 YEARS? this chick can’t have the ONLY dick she wants which is why shes getting scurry. Listen, don’t tell Stan you’ve been stalking the baby daddy eh. Don’t BE tryna convince your babies dad; tellIN him your trying to be a goood mom when your intentnions are cruel and have been from the start. You aint no baby momma to him haven’t you learned? He’s built his own family, one he knows and loves and loves him back! You miss saggy, pale, neechy looking chunked out little pig keep your legs and mouth closed and dont say things you dont mean. Farrah will never have her dad because of YOU! YOU need to START telling everyone your going to get BEAT if he tries in any way to contact you , instead of putting him down. Why are you “trying” now anyways??? oooooh LOL YOU MUSTA saw his girl he’s been with for the past year now, lol yaaa she aint no hood rat like you Ashley, shes got class. Now that your NOTICED, lets see how mature you are. lol. I betcha your not. and for the record, your smile and ass are just as fake n flat if not nastier then Carly no wonder you’ve been soo maaaad lol.

She looks like a pokemon with a T.O.D.- nik

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