Ashley Faye Simon, The Mongler

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Meet Ashley Faye Simon, the grimiest wh*re of the greater Austin area. Her trailer park parents quickly gave up her as a partially aborted fetus for adoption after seeing how mongoloid her face was. She now lives off her dad, scraping every spare change from his pockets that she can get. Ashley has a deep obsession with army pilots, and will do ANYTHING to keep one around. In her most recent relationship, she claimed to be on birth control to get pregnant and wedlock a guy in. Her nightly beer and Benadryl mix she has to take to fall asleep caused a miscarriage and the lucky guy slipped away. Her uterus walls are so badly beaten and scraped from the various abortions she had, she can no longer carry children. After cheating on her boyfriend who was deployed, she contracted herpes and now spreads it to any willing soldier that will get between her cottage cheese legs. Time and time again, she’ll get on various dating websites to try and reel in a soldier overseas or in various states so that they have no idea of her true side. Be wary of this potato dumpling drunk Buda body drd infested scum, she is famous for her solo POV videos that she has sent to all her ex’s. Those videos can be seen on any free porn website (when she doesn’t have an outbreak).  [Click here to see her toy]

Sex is not the answer to your depression.- nik

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