THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this classy gal is Jessy Erin. She started off working in the local DQ. Upon finding out that she is completely useless at even flipping burgers, she decided to whore herself out on Facebook & Twitter to any greasy old ‘photographer’ with a cell phone camera. All just after turning 18. She spends 100% of her time begging people to vote her into new Playboy roles. Hordes of old men have managed to give her some notoriety, and her quest for fame (or old man Greg, depending on how you look at it) knows no bounds. Even within the last few days she has been asking people to finance a boob job for her. She literally has no skills or abilities other then bending over. The funniest part is that she has a tattoo copying Jayde Nicole’s saying ‘Respect’.. Eventually this dumb b*tch will go the way of Jayde Nicole, and it’ll be just another humiliating aspect of Port Perry’s past.

Those are the worst modeling pictures I have ever seen in my life.- nik