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A-tOwNs FiNeSt ReJeCt PlAyMaTe Of ThE yEaR!!!

A-tOwNs FiNeSt ReJeCt PlAyMaTe Of ThE yEaR!!!

A-tOwNs FiNeSt ReJeCt PlAyMaTe Of ThE yEaR!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Bliss Thompkins. This girl thinks she is God’s gift to all. She thinks that everyone wants to be her, that all girls are just jealous. Who could be jealous of her? Look at her gut. Have you ever seen a belly like this? Who in their right mind would want to look like this? Not to mention show it off for the entire world to see. She really believes that she is a playmate, one of Hugh Hefner’s original playmates. She has multiple playboy bunnies tattooed on her. She went to cosmetology school, I did not realize it took “3 years” to complete it, when it is a one year course. She lives at home with her boyfriends parents, and she cannot make up her mind if she wants to wear Bebe, Ed Hardy, or something from family dollar. She is two-faced as can be. She talks mad crap about other girls, but smiles in their face when she is around them. She wears Mac makeup as if it is actually helping her any. She needs to learn how to apply makeup. She gets her makeup tips from on the net, and it looks horrible. I would like to know your honest opinion on this thing, so give us your honest opinion. Someone needs to put her in her place and drop her down a few pegs.

How does your belly not embarrass you? please tuck it away.- nik

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