Attention Slore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tara Scott this braud is the biggest attention whore ever. only reason people continue to be friends with her is because her nonsense is entertaining. First she was fckin some guy name chris who is a big p*ssy himself, then chris beat her up and she left him and got engaged to a guy named kyle. got pregnant while engaged to kyle. dumped kyle and claims its chris’s baby. can we say whore? trurh is she doens’t know who the kids dad really is because there is a 3rd guy she was fukin who is me. thats why i’m exposing this whore for the slut that she is. she doesn’t know if its mine, kyles or chris’s….I was the guy she cheatd on chris with before she dumped chris and got with kyle haha so now all she does is post on fb how i’m sad, i’m happy, i’m pregnant, blah blah blah…stfu already, nobody cares, they only give you sympathy becuase they feel sorry for you. you are a slut. you are an attention whore. get over yourself. i wonder what will happen when chris finds out it isnt his, probably beat her up again haha and all chris does is buy her love. he knows thats the only braud he can pull so he has to buy her fancy things. how stupid. tara is constantly posting about how other people should take care of their kids and be a good person. look in the mirror bitch. you dont even know who the real daddy is. and for those that want to know, i was the one that used to her fck her at that place on mayfield after she would close, right behind the fcking bar. slut. whore. bitch

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