Aubrey O’Day Even Photoshops Her iPhone Pictures

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Great radio show the other night Nik. So this is more of a rant than a post. On twitter I used to follow Aubrey O’day, the D_list celebrity from a few seasons of Trumps show Apprentice, because she seemed like a sexy nut job. Her tweets were often risque or in dirty army language, down right soft core porn. That is UNTIL she started compressing the width of her pictures, to make her look like a skinny model. All of her new twitter pics taken with her iphone, like this one here, must be done with some app that shrinks the width of the photo, or lets one change the jpeg compression on the photo as it is shot. This has got to stop. Nik, if it isn’t acceptable for these two bit wh*res busted out on TheDirty for photo-shopping their flabby assets, isn’t it even more unacceptable for a ‘semi’ celebrity to do the same? Nik please tell these wannabe celeb’s to show their true selves in pictures, after all we are just following their twitter to get a front row seat to the train wreck. Put an end to this madness, exalted leader we call Nik.

Aubrey is a hybrid because she is also a Dirty Celeb under the alias Aubrey (H)O’Day. Click Here to see her DC history.– nik

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