Awful Mother

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Cassandra  Lazono-cps in the making

Cassandra  Lazono-cps in the making

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, So this is cassandra but she prefers the people she uses to call her cass , the poor cow has to hang out with people almost 20 years younger then her to make herself feel better about almost being 40 and leaving her kids alone at night to go to denver clubs and raves to eat some E and pray it makes her skinny. Cass tries to be a sociopath by being self-centered and constantly talking sh*t about everyone she knows because she has nothing else to offer and gets off on her friends dieing so she can reap the benifits of attention and facebook sympathy . Cass preys upon young 20 year old guys and always succeeds in a hook up until they wake up and realize they just had a coyote ugly. Cass to roll with the triads but sadly they use her for free labor because shes a dj w*ore . Cass all in all is just a piece of sh*t so steer clear all you youngins.

The really sad part is she was probably just as ugly when she was younger.- nik

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