Baby Momma Drama

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Chantel Elizabeth Frese. Late 20’s, pushing her 30’s quickly has become pregnant with some punk ass little bitch. 22 or 23 year old young BOY. Or so she claims. Last reported living with another man named Marquese Morris in late July early August and still sleeping with him. She has a long history of drug, alcohol, and vagina abuse. Has openly admitted to having drd and to sleeping with old men while living in Arizona for extra material items. A mooch worth less then the dirty you walk in every day. The type of friend who would stab you in the back for a man, shes done it to me. Only another pyscho would under stand why in hell she believes its ok for her to have a child! She has already had one child who is not in her care as well as 2 abortions that i know of!! Please some one SAVE whoever soul you need to before becoming a victim of this dirty cnt. Would you Nik?

Answer: No, those shoulder pads are a weak attempt at giving herself a figure.

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