Bar Slum Tenders

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THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK I gotta put these dirty slummy bar tenders on blast I’ll get started on each one. The first girl is the infamous Esjay Dawn Craige, She still thinks she is going somewhere in life when honesty she is going nowhere fast. You moved to Toronto and still nothing good has come out of it. Give it up you are a washed up fake bimbo. Your practically handicap stupid. It’s time to get a real job and cover up ur assets and show some class again. Obviously the look isn’t doing much for you. Btw if you do decide to move from Toronto please don’t come back to Winnipeg no one wants you here. Btw your boob job is terrible ive seen the pic’s mine are real and look even nicer. The second girl is also Infamous Courtney Allison Parker, She also think’s her shit don\’t stink when she\’s a old washed up south end bar tender who wears skimpy clothes but actually look’s like a whale with wrinkled skin. We don\’t care about your photoshopped pictures you post on your fb or that you bought a house when we know your daddy more then likely bought it for you. Quit kidding yourself girl. You are known as the biggest lunatic to date in this city and for being a very easy pump that takes it in the ass. It\’s time get a real job and stop being a drama queen!  The third & Fourth girls are Tiffany Chantelle Olender & Dana Marie Rock , You two are also little sloots that have slept with half the city.. blacks,asians,whites any type of guy ugly or not you two will fuck them. You both post stupid pictures on facebook that us girl\’s just look at and laugh. You both are a joke to Winnipeg. Tiffany dates some loser young dj named drux who cheat’s on her constantly but im sure she cheat\’s on him too. I dunno much more to say that maybe it\’s time to move and clean your names up. Hey nik, My Verdict on all these women would be to just grow up and realize it’s time to get a reality check before it’s to late. They all have sex video\’s also.. All 4! Id have say they are pretty hardcore but they just make you look like hoe’s, What’s your verdict nik ???

Group bashing are so confusing, stick to one sloot at a time.- nik

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