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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Laura Randal I met her on a Christian dating site and we became friends.When we met she was seeing a guy out in Saskatchewan i think she said,On the Christian site she said she didn’t have sex and was waiting for the man the lord would send to her.Then i find her on most of the adult sites looking for sex and doing webcam shows.She told me she wanted to stop doing them but she has not and says she enjoys being naked on cam and making men horny she even meets them at hotel rooms.Laura is turning 48 this year has a 16 year old daughter and lives at home with mom and dad.I think its time she grew up and came back to the Lord.She told me she had been saved when she was 7 and i think that it was a lie.She plays guys for money and whatever she can get.Those that fall in love with her she treats the worst.The guy she was seeing when i met her gave her everything she would get money from him that he gave her so her and her daughter could have fun on holidays and she bought me gifts with the money and i do not know how many other guys.I just hope this will shock her into the real world and make her think of her daughter Kath.The pics are all over the internet she even sent me links to some vidios of her that she has posted on the internet.beachgirl64,bchgirl66,beachygirl65,funbeachgirl,southerngal,Maybe this will bring her back to those that care for her.

She has a 16 year old daughter and is a virgin….right…- nik

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