Beached Whale Found In Charlotte

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Beached Whale found in Charlotte

Beached Whale found in Charlotte

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik..this is Brittany. She stomps around Charlotte, fresh out of high school (which she barely made it through) with the impression she is well liked. She has been fired from just about every job she has managed to obtain. She ended up at Alley Cat..who knows how long she’ll last at that sh*thole. You would think after all the drugs she does she’d be a lot skinnier. She sleeps with any guy that is desperate enough to touch her, or for that matter, can even close there eyes long enough to bang her. The question is Nik, Would You???????

Answer: No, not even with a rope wrapped around my Greg tied to a door knob with some sicko trying to slam it shut. (Okay, I tried once in college- blame Sigma Pi, but I think I gained a couple centimeters. You should try it.).- nik

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