Bee Stings

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Bee Stings for Titties. Sloot.

Bee Stings for Titties. Sloot.

Bee Stings for Titties. Sloot.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brittany Lonero. Where do I even begin? She claims she’s a model, ring girl, Patriot Girl, etc. She’s also a ‘singer’.. but when she sings she sounds more like someone doing an exaggerated parody of Christina Aguilera on crack. Shes about 4 feet tall so her boy chest is proportional but that doesnt make up for her thunder thighs and crooked horse teeth. Truly shows what trash bags live in Pittsburgh. Nik.. don’t waste your time coming here.. but if you did.. and you were black out/coked out/half retarded.. would you?

That grenade picture is so fitting.- nik

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