Ben Affleck Supports People With Autism

Ben Affleck Supports People With Autism

Ben Affleck recently appeared at the 1st Annual AutFest International Film Festival, where he was an award recipient.

He talked about his award, as well as a role he had in The Accountant, where he played someone with autism.

On the award, Affleck shared that, “It’s very special. It’s exciting. It’s the first such honor, so in that capacity, I can never be outvoted again. I will always be the very first winner of this award, which I take some comfort in.”

Then, he shared that, In all honesty, as I got ready to do the movie and all the research I did I came in contact with a lot of folks on the autism spectrum- very wildly different lives, different stories, and tried from the truth that they were willing to share with me to cull enough material to make the character believable, in particularly in the eyes of people who have this disorder.”

“I tried my best and I really felt a strong sense of obligation and responsibility to get it right,” he continued. “On one level, the movie’s kind of fun… but it’s also an autistic superhero at the core of it. And I thought that’s really neat.”

Affleck also shared some inspirational notes, mentioning that, “If you have autism, you can do just about anything… I wanted the audience to come away from this movie with the feeling that autistic people can be- can do- all sorts of exciting and special things, and that that’s really a special fact. That adds to what’s impressive about so many people who I’ve met and dealt with and learned from.”

We are always thrilled when celebrities champion important causes- both through their roles and not- and raising autism awareness, support, and acceptance is a huge one. We applaud you, Ben, and agree with all of the sentiments you shared here.

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