THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Ben Quayle is denying having anything to do with you or the dirty. I personally believe you Nik since I have seen you guys hang out together before. Why do you think he is lying?

Wow, if he is denying that he is Brock or any association then he better be ready for a sh*t storm. Ben this better not be true. I was just trying to help you get votes by outing you… there is no need to lie to the American people. I miss those days three years ago in my kitchen hanging out hungover thinking about what club douche bags in Scottsdale to target next.- nik

Click Here To Read Some Of Brock’s (Ben Quayle’s) best work

**Can someone please confirm for me that he is denying this and in the meantime DIRTY ARMY can you please send me more intel on Mr. Quayle and his sexcapades.  We had very similar taste in women… Let’s keep it ROLLING!