Bereas Kevin Pulling

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Kevin Pulling, or better know as GQ through his owner at Subway. Hes a 24 year old man, sorry boy. He still works for Subway and lives at home with his parents. He enjoys sitting at his friends house playing video games, smoking weed, stealing from work and string girls along. Lets not forget about getting them pregnant and treating like them like they dont exist and not helping pay for a dime. This guy is a real class act. Any old girl that walks through the doors of Subway becomes a new target of his affection. About a year ago he start talking to my friend. After stringing her along by saying we can hang out and go to the movies or do whatever she wanted he was really at his friends house blowing him and messing around with his mom. She found out she was pregnant and he woulndt even face her in person to talk about the options. He offered to throw money at her to have that little sh*t removed. When it came down to it he wouldnt even help her pay for an abortion or go with her. Now hes still sitting at home with mommy and daddy going by their rules and smoking dope like a loser. This guy is a womanizing pig. He has **S and refusing to sleep with a girl until hes known her long enough to trick her into staying with him. If any girl walks in to the doors of Subway in North Olmsted beware. This guy is SCUM. Not to mention his disgusting hand. Kid has a claw. Gross.

Looks like a solid ‘B’ cup.- nik

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