Beware Of Kayla Newton From Kentucky

Beware Of Kayla Newton From Kentucky

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, um Kayla Newton is a full-blown toxic sociopath physically emotional vampire with a “splitter” border personality disorder, she’s also a professional victim. She is ALWAYS playing the victim she treated my bro terrible… She gets people to feel sympathetic and empathic for her… people fulfilling into her role as the helpless, innocent victim… She uses guilt and underhanded coercion to influence people and gain loyalty to turn you against the people she deemed have wronged her… She turns others against each other.

Kayla kept this to herself for 9 months she was messing around with some other dude behind my bro’s back right on my brother’s birthday on November 21st of 2016. She said she wasn’t in a relationship with my brother and had sex with this person. She put my brother through Hell scamming money off of him for material things. Kayla is now constantly harassing my brother’s *new* girlfriend through private confidential text messages on the phone trying to break them up with lies and scare tactics.

And Kayla Newton is going around saying that my brother got her *pregnant* claiming she’s 13 weeks it’s pretty obvious that it’s fake trying to get him back or it’s the other person. And recently Kayla cheated on my bro’s behind his back with her ex and wanted to get back with him whom is actually married w/a baby. She spends a good portion of the night on Skype humiliating herself webcam whoring her fat sluttly self in front of other men… She constantly looking for attention that she can never get in real life… she is like an annoying little monkey hanging from everyone’s nuts at once. She is like a parasite vampire type who sucks attention and energy from people because it makes her feel good about herself.

Kayla, congrats on the baby… hopefully you decide to keep the child.- nik

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