Beware Of This Smooth Talker, He’s Married

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Beware of this smooth talker! He is married!

Beware of this smooth talker! He is married!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Robert Haas. He is in the Army National Guard and up until last year lived in Yonkers, NY. He now lives in Sherwood, Arkansas. He is married with a son named Christian (born in Jan 2011) His wife’s name is Aurelia Grygienc Haas. I have no idea why but she doesn’t live with him in Arkansas, i believe she runs some companies in the NY and Connecticut area so they live apart. He meets woman off apps on his iPhone like OK Cupid(or POF and womanizes them. He will tell you everything you want to hear, I Love You, your my soulmate, he will even say he plans to Marry you. He will call you every cute name in the book, baby girl, princess, hon, sweetie to put you under his spell. He will text you all hours of the night for Booty-Calls claiming he just wants to cuddle. He makes girls take dirty pictures and send him dirty text pictures. He also will never call you, only text. He goes on “buisness” trips all the time. He always has something going on, always has some excuse. I dated him for a long time, up until a few weeks ago and I always knew something wasn’t right with him. He is a liar and a cheat. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He will use you up until hes bored and then onto another poor unsuspecting girl. Don’t fall for his spell. You can do better. I thought I was the one exception to his games but I was wrong. He used me and ruined my life, don’t let him do this to you. He will sit back while you “plan a life with him” and not care about the heartache your left with when he’s done with you.

If you met him off one of those sites your an idiot.  The guys a douche either way.- nik

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