Big B, Samantha Cooley

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This b*tch Samantha Cooley

This b*tch Samantha Cooley

This b*tch Samantha Cooley

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik, this right here is my “bestfriend” Samantha Nicole Cooley. Shes from the North Richland / Haltom City area. She is 20 years old, has a 1 year old son whos fixing to be 2 in Febuary. This sloot NEVER takes care of her son, shes always out partying, going to clubs, going to places, but not once do you ever see her taking her son anyway other then to drop him off at her parents house so THEY can take care of him. Might i add SHE DOESNT EVEN KNOW WHO HER BABY DADDY IS, at the time she got pregnant she had been caught sleeping around on her “boyfriend” with 3 other guys & till this day SHE STILL DOESNT KNOW WHO HER BABY DADDY IS. She sleeps around with every guy that shows her attention, she gets drunk & brings random guys over to her apartment & does the deeds with them just so she can have an excuse to say “she was drunk”. This sloot needs to take care of her son instead of worrying about going out & having fun, i dont care who you are your child should always come first! So nik what do u think about this sloot of the Fort worth area? BTW the guy in the family is a guy that she barely even knows, she met him the other day..

You know she’s someone to stay away from showing up to clubs like that not even being a gogo.  PS: nice 7head.- nik

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