Big Nose Morgan

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this is morgan hanshew. we used to be best friends back in the day, until i realized she was trying to fuk every dude i was interested in. it really didnt bother me until she added the guy that i was in love with (who is in the navy, so he was stationed in california) on facebook. i really didnt think anything of it, just thought she was being nosy. until one of our mutual friends called me telling me she had gotten his number and was sending him naked pictures. but this isnt the first incident. whenever we were friends she was having sex with at least three different dudes a day, and like my momma always told me you are who you associate with. shes a fcking whore, so i kept my distance. she had sex with two of these guys i know and they called our friend talking about how their dicks started itching after they had sex with her. she thinks shes the hottest thing thats ever graced johnston county. id hate to be the bearer of bad new, but bitch every guy you had sex with called you ‘tucan sam” behind your back. nobody fcking likes her for good reason. the only friend she does have EVEN says shes a whore. sucks to suck i guess

Is her top made from a table cloth or a napkin?- nik

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