Big Wells Homewrecker

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THE DIRTY ARMY: April Lerma is big wells biggest ugliest slota. The guy tht shes posing with in the pic has a family but she refuses to move on. She keeps blowing him up in hopes that he will leave his family for her ratchet a $$. April, Anthony will never leave his wife for u. You were JUST entertainment that he was bored with. Get my over it. Her and her wanna be cola looking beasties think that haters love to hate but ppl just dont like them. Plain n simple. She has a ton of kids and doesn’t have her priorities straight. She rather go n screw guys n party thn to be a REAL mom. Shes always in Facebook posting lies that she is a good mom but we know what she really does. She messes with the oil workers that cone to earn THEIR FAMILY money so they can have it better but she cant stand that no one wants her so she goes and tries to get guys to take care of her and her kids. Poor kids their mom is a loser. No goals no looks no hope. Just a life of a prostitute but even a prostitute is better thn her atleast they get paid. Guys make her turn around whn they hit cuz shes so ugly n her rotten vag smells like old jizz. She needs a reality check. She will never amt to anything more thn a desperate homewrecker lol

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