Bigcat Douchebag Rodriguez

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, This nikka right here calls himself bigcat and hes 18 years old and about 5’2 theres nothing big about this cat especially downstairs.He thinks he is hot shit and eveyone is madly in love with him REALITY CHECK your a loser.He hangs out with a midget to make himself feel like a bigger man. Dont fall for his alley cat games he has something you don’t want and you cant get rid of. He F**ks a new girl everyday and i dont know what they see in him he only lasts a min 30 seconds.He has the stupidest tattoo’s ever a fcking ironman tattoo what are you 13? what are you going to say when your 40? He is immature and childish can you say peter pan ? haha never want to grow up. silly watching this kid hold a Beer thinks hes so hard but he has to use both of his lil hands to hold one beer.i know children that can hold a beer better than him. FOREST GROVE THROW AARON FAGGET RODRIGUEZ AWAY, hes a worthless excuse for a man. Ladies would you be with him?

I don’t wanna know what those 2 are doing under the table together, dude already has a frail forgy body type.- nik

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