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Biggest Dirtbag In Winnipeg

Biggest Dirtbag In Winnipeg

Biggest Dirtbag In Winnipeg

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy right here is Justin Burda aka Burda aka Burdman aka Burda Inc like how many akas can you have. He calls himself a promoter, working on his latest venture at Republic after being fired from Canad Inns for letting underage girls into the bar only to try to sleep with them. He walks around like hes some sort of baller when really all he is a loser living at home with mommy and daddy spending all his little income on MDMA , pepsi and whatever other drugs he can get his hands on. He has a gorgeous girlfriend Brandy who he has been with for 7 years all he does is lie to her and cheat on her and she is totally oblivious to the situation. He cheated on her for 2 straight years with this girl Taylor from Tavern(the irish bar located in the hotel he worked at) who looks like a horse. Not to mention sleeping with Joleen who also works at Tavern and tryin to get with 16 year old girls from Aalots(the restaurant in the hotel he worked at). He is constantly trying to get his friends to do drugs and cheat on their girlfriends. This guy is a class a dirt bag who thinks he’s somebody. He picks fights at the bar and then his girlfriend defends him. Nik please put this guy in his place and ladies watch out he’s DIRTY!

It’s like he always has to be doing something with his hands. nik