Biggest Liar And Deatbeat Out There

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this man right here EDDIE DECK is the biggest liar and deadbeat I have ever known! He likes to pick up girls from POF even got 1 pregnant after only 2 weeks of dating her, left her for a previous ex who he ends up engaged to after a month. too bad marriage didnt last a month! didnt see his “baby mama” but maybe twice her whole pregnancy!!! not to mention didnt even want to see his daughter on his own terms till she was what 5-6 months old!!! he still barely sees his daughter but loves playing daddy of the year!He rather dress up like a FG and play drums in a terrible “goth” band who is only known for teir nasty reputation cause of their bass player who cheated on his wife with a nasty whore and also got another girl pregnant. its a shame his wife is now pregnant with twins and is in denial and wont believe anyone!!! STAY CLEAR OF THIS “ROCK STAR!”

I don’t think girls are on the menu for a guy in leather and eyeliner, who lets not forget is also licking a flute.- nik

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