Biggest Sloot In Reno

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Biggest whore in reno

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This girl on the left is Alex. She is the biggest wh*re in the world. She like to take hot loads to the dome piece and enjoys every second of it. She is a back stabbing c*nt and will do anything……yes…..anything for a crack rock or a place to crash for the night. She will smile to your face and then go around talking mad sh*t about you. She is a grade A, leg spreading, disease infested gal. She works as a dancer at a local strip club if you ever want to find her, or if you ever want to blow a quick load, you know where to find her. She is a from a rich family and is a brat, she dosent get her way, so she grinds her ass into mens erections for a quick buck, just to waste all the money she makes to sniff up her blow hole. Have fun, and remember, bag it up, twice if you wanna hit it, and be sure to quit it afterwards, she is a stage 4 clinger fo sho.

I feel like I’m staring at a picture of a dumpster.- nik

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