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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, there’s a lot of sad human beings on this site, but everyone is primarily well off individuals with freedoms and rights associated with first world countries. I hope this is posted but I understand if it is not, after all posts of this nature rarely garner the attention of the dirty. I hope everyone takes a moment and clicks the link. Free the Children is an amazing cause empowering the youth of today. We are often told one person cannot change the world, but Kraig and Marc started an amazing movement at a very young age. Free the children is about children helping children through education. It educates youth to understand they have the power to change the world. This idea has started an international movement that only grows in volume. Unlike most charities Free the children uses 90% of its donations for its programs and charitable works. Unicef for examples uses 14% of its donations on its charity, the rest goes to the CEO for an annual salary of 1.2 mil. Another great example is united way, the CEO receives 375k, leaving only 51% of all donations to the charity itself. I hope that during the holiday season, the dirty army can reach out and hopefully help a charity that matters to them. It doesnt have to be free the children, but know where your donation goes and if it will be worthwhile. I cannot properly convey the wonder of free the children, I hope this post serves to educate people and adds something positive for the daily feed of the dirty. We are the change!

The link didn’t come through. I’m guessing  this is the website.- nik

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