EXCLUSIVE: Blac Chyna Has Always Wanted To Be A Kardashian

EXCLUSIVE: Blac Chyna Has Always Wanted To Be A Kardashian

It looks like Blac Chyna has always wanted Kardashian blood inside of her.

The Dirty received an interesting tip from Chyna’s past (pre-fame) … and it seems she had a certain obsession with Ray J after the sex tape hit the market. According to our source – Blac Chyna wanted to be Kim Kardashian at all costs!

“She was willing to do whatever it took to be famous like Kim,” our insider shared. 

Obviously, this is a no-brainer, and not surprising.

So we decided to dig deeper and what we found out was pretty creepy. The Dirty spoke with someone at 51 Minds Production, who worked on Ray J’s VH1 show, ‘For the Love of Ray J’.

“When we casted For The Love of Ray J one of our key target cities was Miami, especially South Beach,” our production source shared. “There was one applicant who really wanted to be considered for this show. She was a stripper at King of Diamonds. After constant begging she was granted an interview because of her obsession with Ray.”

Our insider went on to detail that, “She showed up with bleach blonde hair, straight cut bangs, derma piercings in her cheeks, a number of tattoos and a BORING personality.”

So did being a stripper prevent her from being on the show?

“No,” our source informed us. “Her short answers and lack of personality didn’t even allow her to make it past the initial on camera first round of the casting process”.

When we asked what the stripper’s name was, the answer was an ace in the hole: “This stripper was Blac Chyna.”


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