Blake Pennington Is Going Down Eventually

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, to whom this may concern, I have been hesitant to write in because I don’t want to seem like a rat in anyway but here it goes. Me and Blake were tight for years and then last January or so he shoots me a text that he is bouncing out of town for a bit. When I texted him back he didn’t reply and that’s the last I ever heard from him. I called and texted him a bunch afterward until his number went out of service, but got nothing. Rumors on what happened to him ran rampant around here. I heard everything from he was away in rehab to his family went bankrupt to he was in legal trouble. It was a big deal for a while because out of nowhere no one saw him. Our buddy Will also disappeared around the same time but no one really thought much of it because he would always do stupid sh*t like that, but I haven’t seen him since either. Blake’s girlfriend became incredibly reclusive afterward not really answering anyone when they asked where Blake was, so I always felt something was up. I haven’t seen anyone bring this up again recently but earlier this year there was a video on Youtube of Blake doing blow with a group of people and everyone had their faces pixilated. The comments were filled with people saying that it was Blake and his apartment. I know there was quite a bit of buzz that celebs were involved, and I saw the story on a bunch of celebrity websites (Demi Lovato and some Dancing show chick were the main two if I remember correctly) I am still looking to see if I can find the video now, cause I know it was deleted a while back. I know everyone is bashing Blake now but he really isn’t a horrible guy. Just imagine having 3 minutes of you acting like an asshole on the internet and everyone basing their opinion of you on it. Friend or not, if something did happen to that girl I feel too guilty to keep information to myself and furthermore I would like to know what happened to my friend. I am going to look for that video and if you need any more information just let me know. I am happy to see you have the guts to write about this because it seems like you are the only one not deleting your stuff after you post it.

If he wasn’t a terrible guy he wouldn’t be in hiding Casey Anthony style.- nik

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