Blake Pennington Is Out And About In Manhattan Again

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, hey Blake is back. I didn’t want to just write you with a story if I had nothing to prove it but pictures were posted on Facebook.  Anyway I’m out on Friday night and an acquaintance of mine gets a text from someone claiming that they are Blake. He thought it was bullsh*t but told him where we were and the night went on. About an hour later Blake walks in and you would of thought Jesus Christ himself came floating in. Everyone was running up to him, hugging him, asking him to take pictures with them. All in all treating him like he was some celebrity, it was f*cking disgusting. He was already looking pretty out of sorts when he came in but then chose to try to make himself and even bigger center of attention by buying everyone at the bar shots and proceeded to get tanked. I was drinking quite a bit myself and wasn’t exactly in Blake’s “inner circle” but I will tell you the gist of what was going on as much as I can recall.  Blake was tight lipped about all the controversy and where he has been. He was obnoxious as ever. He wasn’t even in the bar for 30 minutes and he started making fun of this kids headphones. He badgered the guy for what seemed like forever. It was so uncomfortable that I went to the bathroom and when I came back it was done.  Whenever someone asked him where he has been he said “VACATION” in this drawn out stupid way. He said it so much that by the end of the night it became some kind of joke, where everyone was repeating “VACATION”. I flat out asked him what happened to the girl in the vid and who she was and his response was – sh*t happens don’t worry about it. When I didn’t let it die and asked him what does that mean he just ignored me and that was the last he talked to me face to face for the rest of the night.  He talked about how the hurricane stopped him from flying out to LA where his agent (I don’t know why the f*ck he has an agent, or if he was just full of sh*t trying to look cool) has meetings set up for him and how he was going to be famous. He was pretty vague to as to why but kept saying that no one would believe who he was in talks with and how he is a few months away from being an “A-lister”.

Like I said before in my Michael Vick posting… America (and Hollywood) loves murderers.- nik

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