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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the first thing to say about JAKE ANDERKOVITCH is that he is a manipulator. He will make you feel like he cares so deeply for you and then cut you completely out of his life with out any closure whatsoever. He is in the band MAESION which consists of dirty, obese, and did I mention dirty? BOYS. Can’t even call them men because they are so f*cking immature. They think they are hot sh*t because they went on an east coast tour but in reality not many support their lousy attempt to create music (besides the scene girls with blue hair that Jake likes to f*ck). So Jake will win you over with his angelic voice and serenade you with his acoustic guitar in his room on his bed as he lights a candle beside his hello kitty lamp in attempts to seduce you. YES I SAID HELLO KITTY LAMP that this guy is of so proud of. Also I should mention how he thinks he is so cool since he got his first tattoo ever a chest piece saying “all the worlds a stage” yeah f*ggot get a Madonna song tatted on your chest that’ll get the ladies! I guess Tayler Ciarallo ginger girl was turned on by that. Oh and did you know that mullet’s were back in because he gets his haircut to have one and styles it with a straightener every single day. Going shopping with this *sshole is embarrassing because he shops in the same jean section me (WOMENS). He smokes cigarettes simply because it makes him look cool despite it messes with his singing voice. He loves smoking in pictures especially so everyone can see how cool he is. He will act like he cares about you, snuggle you, tell you things and hold you like he loves you but just remember what a sloot this guy truly is. He has since moved on to an older girl Katrina who has been passed around by bands – Belie my burial, etc. This guy is going far in life, working at Kuhn’s then Michael’s Crafts with no car at age 22. YOU’RE AWESOME JAKEEE!!!!!!

Stop submitting yourself dude.  Noone cares your in a band.- nik

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