EXCLUSIVE: Bob Marley’s Family – Demand Ex-Business Partner Cough Up $2.8 Million over Venture Turned South

EXCLUSIVE: Bob Marley’s Family – Demand Ex-Business Partner Cough Up $2.8 Million over Venture Turned South

The Dirty can exclusively reveal Bob Marley’s family is demanding their former business partners – who they licensed the late musician’s image and likeness to hawk coffee-related products and they believe they are owed a total of $2,829,994 in damages ASAP.

Fifty-Six Hope Road Music Limited and Hope Road Merchandising – companies owned by Bob’s widow and children – filed suit against Jammin Java accusing them of breach of contract.

The late musician’s family licensed the use of his name to Jammin Java to use the Bob Marley name for the sale of coffee beans. However, they accused the company has been behind in his royalty payments to them and failed to even provide accounting.

They said Jammin Java was engaged in a series of unlawful business practices, some that violated federal securities regulations.

The family had enough and terminated their agreement due to the numerous breaches. They sued demanding damages for the breaches and a court order prohibiting Jammin Java from continuing to use the Marley mark.

Jammin Java fired back and counter-sued Bob’s son, Rohan Marley, stating “This is a classic case about greed and unabashed self-interest and dealing”.

The company accused Rohan and the estate of breaching their deal and said they increased revenue substantially for the product … and now the Marley family is demanding profits they aren’t entitled to.

Recently, the judge came back and found Jammin Java to be the one in breach of the contract and owed the Marley family a substantial amount in unpaid royalties.

Then earlier this week, the estate for Bob Marley filed docs explaining the court already found the defendant in breach and liable for trademark infringement

Currently, the family is owed $371,159 in unpaid royalties they explain. However, they point out they are entitled to further damages which should include the gross revenue since July 2016 that Jammin Java has pulled in to the tune of $2,458,835.20 … and the estate wants ever last dime of that money. The grand total they are seeking comes to $2,829,994 in damages.


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