THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so you posted this thing on Bomba doing webcam. She then thought she could be tricky and relocate her profile. It’s sad that even when she is caught and embarrassed that she still wants what little money she gets from that so bad she can’t wait a day to figure out something more private. Her new profile was in the comments almost immediately. I think it’s hilarious that her rules are to protect her “pricy” B*tch there is no privacy on the web. As you do those dirty thing for “private shows” only, the freak on the other side is screen shooting your ass. One pervert was nice enough to leave a shot in her comments but somehow that doesn’t drive home the level of exposure she’s committed to. Anyways here are some lovely photos that will stay with her forever. I’m sure she’ll just convince herself they’re cool and pop a pill so she doesn’t have to face the epic mistake she’s made.