Bottlerat Queen Of MN

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Noodle Wannabe Bottlerat?!

Noodle Wannabe Bottlerat?!

Noodle Wannabe Bottlerat?!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- DA strong up here in MN- let me start by introducing you to Leeann. I’m not even going to waste my breath asking if you would, but I just want to send out an open invitation to any purple greg, athlete, businessman with money to hit her up. She spends most nights drunk in local clubs hangin with crew noodle. She claims to be in school at the U of M, but she’s really a hairdresser. If you ever decide to award MN a dirty celeb pleeease let it be her! My nomination for celeb name…tyrannosaurus wreck, she’s big and scarey just like the real thing!

I wonder if 50 Tyson hit that?- nik

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