Brags about Cheating

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well here is a real winner here!! This is my coworkers ex. Talk about a loser! She says she is a teacher. Umm she is an EA. She cheated on her husband off and on for years with fellow teachers and god only knows who else!! She apparently cheated on my friend and bragged about it. Then tries to stab him. Police don’t do a thing!! She bats her eyes at the officers and of coarse she must be innocent. She is a total liar who scammed this poor guy for thousands in a house deal. I want to slap him upside the head for dating this trailer park special!! So if your on FB look up Nicole and I sure she will hook up… Yuck she is one dirty whore who I guess used to be a stripper.. .. Wow sure want this winner around my kids in school. NOT . So if you like drinkers who cheat , lie and steal money…. Add her on FB…

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