Brandi Jordans Puppet Gallery

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Brandi Jordan's Puppet Gallery

Brandi Jordan's Puppet Gallery

Brandi Jordan's Puppet Gallery

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik okay so i already told you about Brandi J being trash, yes? Well, it’s easy to be a big fish in a little pond and think your hot sh*t when your cohorts look like this. Right? Amy is the one with the lame tatoos and shes faked being raped like 6 times now. Desperate cry for affection if you ask me. Probably only friends with Brandi because they’re both attention wh*res so they can wk together or something. Lugene is the short one that looks like a troll and shes so stupid she cant spell 90% of her fb statuses. Wash your hair, smelly kid. And Christy? That’s the one that looks like shes had gastric bypass with all that lose skin. Brandi is probably just friends w/ her to get sl*t tips – everybody knows you f*cked Mike, Christy. (Holly will find out soon enough.) So there you see Brandi isn’t all that great and botox goes a long way for ya when your surrounded by WHALES!

What do people eat there, they are beyond massive.- nik 

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