Brandy Boone At Park Ave Pub

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik his 30 something is named Brandy Boone. She is a bartender at Park Ave Pub and lives in the house connected to it. This degenerate parasite leeches off the men and leaves them with her diseases. She has H** ( ) and her vagina smells through her pants and stenches like a rotten 5 day old fish thats been in the sun, mixed with soiled hamster cage smell. She is an equal opportunity whore- she has sex with young college kids that come in the bar, along with men old enough to be her dad ( a couple of them looked surprisingly similar to her father). She cakes on layers of make up to make it appear as if she wasn’t an aging drug addict. The truth is that she has been in prison on felony mth charges and her criminal record is almost endless. Heres a picture of what she looks like without makeup in her mug shot photo for “Buttes Most Wanted” back in 2008. Since 2008 she has had over 13 different addresses. She uses guys to get into their house since she can’t get a lease on her own with her felonies. She even got ran out of the last town she bar-tended in for being a whore! Luckily the bar owner of Park Avenue Pub, Kenny, was happy to put her in the house attached to the bar. She cheats on all her boyfriends and now its even easier since she lives next door to the bar! She always has more than one guy lined up and isn’t uncommon for her to 3-4 guys in one month! This gold digger will be happy to give you sexual favors, just give her a nice cash tip and you balls deep in her diseased, hairy muff. Even though she has many sexual partners ( or as she calls, ” friends”), she is terrible at sex! But you don’t need to be good at sex when you just have to lay back and spread your legs for old guy sugar daddies. I unfortunately had sex with her and the stench was so terrible I had to get a new my comforter on my bed. It burned when I peed for a few days, and 3 months later I got genital ***s. Don’t be like me, make sure to wear a condom if you feel adventurous enough to have sex with this low life! Honestly I would rather put my dick in a garbage disposal. The slogan for Park Ave Pub is ” The friendliest bar in Chico”, and it is very too- a little too friendly! Lets hope she perishes from A**S soon or gets kicked run out of Chico as well. Recently one of her scum bag If you are in the area, and feel like over-paying for a cheap drink, make sure to stop by Park Ave Pub and say hi to Brandy. Just don’t order food from her since she doesn’t like washing her hands….. don’t ask me why I’m still trying to figure that one out (her parents own the Smokey Mountain Steak House in Paradise so when she’s working there you probably don’t want to get your food from her). Put this  mouth loser on blast!

Is that her father, or da managa!  I think its the managa.- nik

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