Brandy Talore Has Finally Sunk Lower Then Her Knee

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Brandy Cook Ortega, AKA Brandy Talore is a “porn star” and I use that term as loose as she is. You can google her and see for yourself, but I think she is nasty. Actually, I dubbed her “c*m dumpster” and it seems to be catching on. She was married to a long time friend of mine untill she got caught up with her 22 yr old drug dealer, Ramon Ortega IV. You would have to see him to believe him. He thinks he is a Latin King but has middle and high school kids as his gang. He has guns, but cannot manage to hit anyone. There is so much to say I would rather you call for all info. On to the story……she used to movies, Exotica expos, webcams, and even “escorting”. Now due to her new life of drugs and gangs, not to mention her new husband Ramon, who is on the run for several drug charges and stabbing the mother of his children (he is looking at 20 to 40), but due to all of this, she has lost both of her daughters, has no place to live, and now try’s to do her shows off an Ipod touch. She lies everyday to the few fans she has left, telling them she has “computer issues”. Nik, seeing is believing and I cannot truely get the whole story in this tip but I have picture of both, his most wanted photo, and much more story to tell about this joke of a woman. She is not a celebrity, but a lot of people would love to know the truth. Please contact me and allow me to tell u everything, send u all the pictures (spoil alert: 1 is Ramon’s fat ass in a tub), and get this skank out there for who she really is. O and as I said, they r drug dealers…..crck dealer’s to specify. I would send you a few teaser pics but they r on my other computer. Let me know if I can just send a couple of those and please take a minute and google her, give me a chance to tell u the whole story because these two need to be put on blast, he has even abused my friends daughter. The story of the stabbing is one that would make anyone tear up and that 22 yr old girl, who had just given birth to his daughter, is like my lil sis. Her son watched his dad brutally beat and stab her because she had moved on. Please help get this whole story out there.

How bout some pics, not sure if I attached the right butterball.- nik

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