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Brantford's Finest...

Brantford's Finest...

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this loser needs to be put on blast. His name is Chris Boutillier also known as “Chris Karma” and resides in Brantford (cow tipping territory) but likes to think he’s a hoodlum from urban Hamilton. He believes he is going get famous by being the next big rapper but the only thing he is known for is the statutory rape of a fourteen year old. He uses his Attention Deficit Disorder as an excuse to use women but here’s a thought take your medication. Unfortunately, no level of medication could ever change the fact he’s a rude aggressive sociopath. The worst part is he preys on nice empathetic girls who are trying to make him feel better about his pathetic life, for example he tells them he is suicidal in order to attain pity fcks. Think you’re his girlfriend? This loser always has others on the side and has been linked to another dirty (Also See)). In all his glory, he has fathered a child but the girl had an unfortunate miscarriage. His game consists of convincing the girl he’s with that he is madly in love with her and invested in a future such as starting a family. Don’t be fooled this idiot is a walking DRD.

His photoshop skills lands him his chicks.  I decided.- nik

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