BREAKING NEWS: Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy Gambling Lines Announced

BREAKING NEWS: Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy Gambling Lines Announced

The Dirty can officially announce the gambling lines for what Mike Tyson and other celebs are saying is the joke flight of 2017 – Chris Brown vs. Soul Boy.

According to veteran oddsmaker Jim Murphy“Everyone involved in this is convinced that this fight is going to happen in Las Vegas at what would be a half empty MGM Grand Gardens Arena. Floyd Mayweather’s promotional company is definitely qualified to promote boxing – and that’s one of the problems. There’s no guarantee that either fighter could get licensed as an amateur in Nevada among countless other logistical issues in making the fight happen.”

Jim continues, “They could always run it as an ‘unsanctioned exhibition’ but it’s the same deal – this could get Mayweather’s promotional business in trouble with the Nevada State Athletic Commission and they can’t run this risk.”

We’re actually pretty shocked the lines don’t favor Chris Brown, but after Jim Murphy’s statement we want to put our money on this fight NOT happening:

To Win Fight

Chris Brown: 5/6
Soulja Boy: 5/6

Over/Under Rounds

Over 1.5 Rounds: 5/9
Under 1.5 Rounds: 3/2

Will Fight End In A Draw?

Yes, fight is a draw: 18/1
No, fight is not a draw: 1/25

Fight To End Via Decision or Stoppage?

Fight to end via decision: 9/5
Fight ends via stoppage (KO-TKO-DQ): 3/2

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