Brianna Beach Is Washed Up

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Brianna beach is washed up

Brianna beach is washed up

Brianna beach is washed up

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brianna Beach she is from Portage la prairie near Winnipeg mantioba. Nik, here are some more pictures showing more of how stupid brianna is, here is many of the photos she wastes her time on. Acting like she looks like kim k. BRIANNA your photos are all fake and you know it! she claims she can be a model, but in reality she could probably only do photo modeling cause at least they can fix her with photoshop like she does to herself. The photo of her in the white tank top is one she never got to edit, see her bags under her eyes, looks like she has 2 black eyes. This girl is the most fakest girl ever, her uncle is Adam Beach and she tries to act like she is as famous as him..stupid girl! Get off facebook Brianna, stop flirting with all these guys you have a boyfriend you should show him some respect. Stop trying to be a sloot now just because you and jer been together throughout your teen years. She probably wants to sloot around some more, she was already known as a sloot too before she got with Jeremy, she was sleeping with older men! sick girl. She needed to be put on blast cause she is a ugly raccoon that will always be nothing more then trash! ugly b*tch.

You look nothing like your comparisons.  Keep practicing ur photoshop.- nik

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