Bridget Desimone

This is bridget souders desimone. She is the nastiest piece of white trash tub of lard whore ive ever seen. She sleeps with anything that looks at her and won’t stop texting guys in relationships until she tricks them into sleeping with her. Then when they tell her to back off she just won’t stop. She breaks up familys. And last I heard this 40 year old whore soccer mom has drd! Ladies hide your men from this thing. Her and her wrinkled skin , yellow teeth , front butt, cankles and thunder thighs need be dealt with for real. Bitch has three kids shes divorced and can’t get her own man so she has to TRY to steal someone else’s ! No body wants you JABA THE SLUT !

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  1. Tom in BaltoFebruary 1, 2018 at 4:03 AM

    I met her, she’s maybe 100lbs and cute as all hell!!! Keep your comments factual, if you don’t know it to be true, don’t write it!

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