Brittany Is Down

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brittaney-Anna Robinson. Also known as Brittaney Stuckka. She hails from Kelowna B.C. she is such a stuck up chick. shes on disability cause in canada if you do he?**in or any drugs at that the govt gives you disability which is permanent and better money every compared to welfare. now she likes to pretend shes a diva, and since most jobs dont work with her need to always be high, shes an ESCORT. she had ads in the paper and online. she said if her boyfriend found out she was hooking he would k**l her. awe how romantic! so when she cant get pills to snort, or he**in to smoke, this chick will do anything. but her favorites are dilaudid(dillys) ox**otin and mor**ene. but she will do anything to be honest. once i watched her snort a sugar pill from birth control cause i gave it to her and told her it was something else. and about 10 min later she started saying how f’d up she was and how good the placebo pill was. haha!! guys watch out for miss brittaney, hookers are lame. and brittaney will rob you blind. so if you do call her for a date, dont bring anything of value wsith you and dont have her at your house. OH i almost forgot, brittaney has a 5 or 6 year old kid.. he was taken away from her cause hooking and drugs were far more important than a precious child. the father is unknown. it was someone who purchased her services but she cant narrow it down or doesnt remember. so if anyone has any info on that im sure shed like to start a child support suit so she has more money without workinga real job. congratulations brittaney. you deserve to be on here shining like the star you are. hoebag and nik, humour us… would you?

Why’s she showing off her sharpies like they’re a good thing? this isn’t art class.- nik

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